Customer Engagement Workshops

Customer Engagement Workshops

Customer Engagement Workshops

A Larato Customer Engagement Workshop is a mutually beneficial engagement between senior executives of your company and peers from your most valued customers.

  • Defining the objectives
    We help you to define common objectives that create business advantage for you and your customers.
  • Setting compelling agendas
    By listening to your customers’ challenges and understanding your company’s objectives, we create an agenda that is mutually beneficial.
  • Inviting customers as advisors
    Select customers with the relevant experience to become effective advisors for your board.
  • Creating the right environment
    Through careful selection and preparation of affordable venues, we create the best environments for valuable discussions.
  • The board meeting
    The facilitated board meeting makes it possible to define your future with your customers’ advice.
  • Network building
    A relaxed environment smooths the way to share knowledge and practical experience with industry leaders.
  • Post event report
    Post event reports for you and your customers contain actionable intelligence.

Quick case study

Claranet Logo

Service purchased:
Customer engagement workshop

Business challenge:
Create a close-knit customer community to advise on business direction and strategy.

Claranet’s customer engagement workshops have given invaluable input to Claranet’s strategic direction and uncovered innovations that have strengthened their businesses. Customers that participate have become ambassadors for Claranet’s customer-centric approach.

“I thought the Customer engagement workshop was the best one that I have attended. Feedback from customers that I spoke to was universally positive with specific reference to the well thought-through workshops”
Managing Director, Claranet