#HelpMe Development Guides

About #Helpme

Business Development guides by Larato

Larato surveyed business leaders from all areas of the ICT buy and supply landscape about the challenges they face to thrive in today’s markets. The results prompted Larato to develop a series of structured #HelpMe guides based on resolving all of the challenges and issues highlighted by its research.

Larato then invited some of today’s most talented industry commentators to drill into the research results and provide insightful perspectives that put a spotlight on the pressing need to activate transformative sales and marketing strategies.

The #Helpme Guides are being released over the next months and you can download them from here as they become available.

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I want to increase the number of my sales people meeting quota

This #HelpMe guide unravels the issues that prevent sales people from meeting quota and with added significance provides important takeaways and a “must do” action plan designed to help you win more deals.


I want to increase my sales win rates

This #HelpMe guide explores Larato’s survey findings, affirms the need for a commitment to change and provides a business transformation plan created to help you increase sales win rates.


I want to educate buyers about my specific solutions

This #HelpMe guide underlines the reasons why imposing an upward ratchet of education is a sound rationale, and offers a practical action plan that puts you on course to drive the education agenda.


I want to understand what is and isn’t working across my sales and marketing

This #HelpMe guide presents a compelling case for developing sales and marketing strategies that run seamlessly in parallel and are aligned to a shared vision for revenue generation, turning conventional silos into relics of a bygone era.


I want to help my sales people bid on deals they can win

This #HelpMe guide sheds light on the key findings of Larato’s research into what it takes to pinpoint deals you can win, and offers an action plan designed to get you fully up to speed with these rapid industry developments.


I want to make more time for my sales people to sell

This #HelpMe guide explores Larato’s survey findings and the many options available to emphasise the value of time. For example, sales people who know their time is valued behave differently. Processes can be established that, like a template, replicate best practice and systematically remove the labour cost of background spadework, thereby creating more time for sales people to sell.


I want to beat the competition

This #HelpMe guide reinforces the need for suppliers to reconsider who their competition really is, and then actively differentiate themselves from them..


I want to changehow sales sell

This #HelpMe guide underlines the importance of suppliers realigning their portfolio and their sales process with the needs and expectations of their prospects.