I want to increase the number of my sales people meeting quota

I want to increase the number of my sales people meeting quotaEncouraging more sales people to meet quota has become the number one priority for ICT supplier companies. The imperative to catalyse more deal wins is just one of the many urgent matters uncovered by Larato’s survey of business leaders from across the supply landscape. Their minds are focused on the road to growth at a time when budgetary purse strings are loosening and recessionary pressures are receding in the rear view mirror.

But today’s buyers are also in the driving seat. They understand the problems they want to solve and the supply options available to them, rendering familiar sales and marketing techniques irrelevant and ineffective.

This #HelpMe guide unravels the issues that prevent sales people from meeting quota and with added significance provides important takeaways and a “must do” action plan designed to help you win more deals.

Chapters in this guide:

  1. Sales people are bidding on deals they simply can't win
    by Stuart Gilroy
  2. Only one third of a sales person's time is available for selling
    by Ian Hunter
  3. Sales and marketing are not aligned to how buyers buy
    by Stuart Gilroy
  4. #HelpMe action plan
    by Dr. Lucy Green