I want to increase my sales win rates

I want to increase my sales win ratesThe ratio of deal wins to sales effort is costing many ICT supplier companies dear. Larato’s research found that four out of every ten qualified ICT deals come to nothing. This is 10% higher than in other industries.

Business leaders seeking to improve their sales performances need to realise that sticking to Old World selling habits is no longer an option. The high cost of low win rates demands remedial action to properly qualify prospects and add more revenues to the bottom line.

This #HelpMe guide explores Larato’s survey findings, affirms the need for a commitment to change and provides a business transformation plan created to help you increase sales win rates.

Chapters in this guide:

  1. Qualification is an ongoing process and not a single event
    by Ian Hunter
  2. Customers are demanding more than just another sales pitch
    by Stuart Gilroy
  3. Traditional sales processes have made sales people ineffective
    by Ian Hunter
  4. #HelpMe action plan
    by Dr. Lucy Green