I want to understand what is and isn’t working across my sales and marketing

I want to understand what is and isn’t working across my sales and marketingTo succeed in today’s markets, close engagement should become the mainstay of the relationship between sales and marketing operations. ICT suppliers surveyed highlight their struggle to secure effective collaboration between these two sides of the same coin. Leaders want both disciplines to drive towards a common goal, but more often than not old habits force the growth engine to chug out of kilter and produce the same old outputs that don’t work anymore.

ICT leaders must map out a new route to market. Sales and marketing strategies should be focussed on delivering outcomes instead of outputs, and also align with the perspectives of buyers.

Larato’s research confirms that visibility across the sales and marketing functions is an essential success factor. This is particularly true for the many leaders who rate lead generation as a crucial competence.

This #HelpMe guide presents a compelling case for developing sales and marketing strategies that run seamlessly in parallel and are aligned to a shared vision for revenue generation, turning conventional silos into relics of a bygone era.

Chapters in this guide:

  1. How are your sales people marketing, and, how are your marketing people selling
    by Adrian Bridgewater
  2. Focus sales and marketing on outcomes, not outputs
    by Ian Hunter
  3. If you’re not aligned to the buyers’ perspectives, you are wasting your time
    by Adrian Bridgewater
  4. #HelpMe action plan
    by Dr. Lucy Green