I want to beat the competition

I want to beat the competitionKnowing the competition is the key to differentiating yourself from your rivals and beating them to the sale. But Larato has found that most ICT suppliers and buyers will name very different companies as the main competition to a deal.

Identifying your real competition is getting harder as customer choice is expanding to include start-ups, companies from overseas, big brands branching out, and the customer doing itthemselves. So to understand and beat the competition you need to stop looking at your peer group and start listening to the only people who matter – your customers.

This #HelpMe guide reinforces the need for suppliers to reconsider who their competition really is, and then actively differentiate themselves from them.

Chapters in this guide:

  1. Who do you think your competition is?
    by David Dungay
  2. Who do your customers think the competition is?
    by Bryan Betts
  3. Who is the real competition?
    by Dr. Lucy Green
  4. #HelpMe action plan
    by Dr. Lucy Green