I want to understand how buyers buy

I want to understand how buyers buyMany ICT supply companies are inadvertently undoing a done deal. Larato’s research found that 40% of qualified buyers are choosing to do nothing, and 60% of these blamed their inaction on flaws in the sales experience.

The way customers buy has changed: the buyer now drives the sale and they are better informed than ever. If the seller can’t adapt, follow the buyer’s lead and add real value to the purchase through expert knowledge, the sale will stall. It’s time to shift from a sales person to a trusted advisor.

This #HelpMe guide explores Larato’s findings, affirming the need for suppliers to revitalise the way they interact with buyers.

Chapters in this guide:

  1. Are your sales people unselling a sale?
    by Bryan Betts
  2. Does your customer know more than your sales person?
    by Ian Hunter
  3. It's the customer who drives the deal, not the salesperson
    by Chris Wood
  4. #HelpMe action plan
    by Dr. Lucy Green