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Larato Inner Circle for CEOs

They say it’s lonely at the top. When it comes to the crunch, it’s only really you, the ultimate leader, who has a complete perspective of your business. And there are few, if any, forums where you can network with your peers in a relaxed environment and not be sold to.

With this in mind, Larato created the Inner Circle: a forum where CEOs can meet, relax, share and push the boundaries of thought leadership. It’s an opportunity for CEOs to increase their networks and discuss the industry with people who share their challenges, pain-points and opportunities – at the same level and from the same perspective.

Our attendees don’t come to talk about the intricacies of their business strategy, which they’d logically want to keep confidential, but rather chat about changes and innovation within the marketplace – which we all know evolves at such a pace, it’s imperative to keep our eye on the ball and see how it is impacting all tech specialisms.

We invite CEO’s from a cross-section of the technology industry including; AI, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, IT, Transformation and Media.

Speakers for each event are invited based on their knowledge of the topics that members are interested in, and over the years our speakers have prompted some superb discussions.

“A great balance of smarts and learnings from the speaker and attendees”.

“Yesterday’s event was the usual good fare. It taught me quite a bit about how people are struggling with what to do with cyber-security and even what it actually means for different businesses”.

“Many thanks for inviting me to another excellent event”.

“Thanks for yesterday’s event – a good couple of hours”.

“Thank you for the invite to yesterday’s Inner Circle meeting. I found it very informative and was delighted to meet some of the other attendees. It enable me to carry on conversations”.

“Well organised. Well presented and well worth attending”.

“Thank you once again for organising and facilitating a very useful event with two very credible and knowledgeable speakers”.

“You made me think lots tonight – so thank you”.