Do you need to increase the number of sales people reaching quota?

New research among business leaders across the B2B IT and Communications markets has shown that the top priority for Managing Directors and Sales Directors is to increase the number of sales people attaining quota.

If you are one of those business leaders, this article is for you.

How does your sales force perform today?

Some salespeople have greater ability and internal drive than others. Star performers seem to reach any target you throw at them whereas stragglers need more guidance and pressure to deliver the results you need. Your mainstay performers sit somewhere in the middle. It is this group that often receives the least attention – even though these people are the ones most likely to be able to improve quota attainment – provided they are given the right tools and incentives.

Sales performance curve

Sales performersThink about each person in your sales team.

How they are performing now?

Try and categorise them. Who are your star performers? Who are your stragglers? Where are the rest? What if you could replicate the habits and behaviours of your sales stars among the top 50% of your mainstay performers?

Winning habits

Star sales performers know what to say or do at every key stage in the sales process. They qualify opportunities accurately and early. They deliver compelling sales experiences to existing customers and new prospects. They manage sales conversations well, and they come up with good answers to the difficult questions today’s prospects ask.

The problem is that star sales people are rare, highly sought after and likely to make up only a small fraction of your sales force. Think for a moment about your mainstay performers. What if you were able to improve their performance by helping them to replicate the winning habits and behaviours of your sales stars? Well, the good news is that you can with the help of a sales playbook. Sales playbooks capture best practices from top sales performers and communicate them across your wider sales community. Interactive sales playbooks digitise this process, making it possible for any sales person to access star-performer guidance for any sales situation, anytime, anywhere.

How Larato can help you reach your goal

We can help you increase the number of your sales people that make quota. Our interactive sales playbook is a purpose-built digital sales enablement environment that simplifies the process of replicating star sales performance across your sales teams and your channel partner base.

We’ll work with you to capture and digitise the sales experience being delivered by your star performers. We’ll work with you to augment your sales tools and techniques with our best practice tools and processes to enable your sales people to manage customer conversations effectively. Together, we can make sure that your extended sales community is equipped to tell your story in the most effective, powerful and compelling way.

To find out more about helping more of your sales people to meet quota, watch our video, email us or call O1494 216 2O1.