Efficient and sustainable growth happens when sales and solutions consistently align with buyer’s needs


Buyers want clear propositions, which are well presented, using the language they understand and platforms that they favour. They want strategic advice about how new technologies can improve their specific business performance. To achieve that, your sales strategists need buyer intelligence.

So how do you make yourself more relevant?

What we deliver:

  • Delivering a winning sales experience means selling in the correct context. We demonstrate how to achieve that.
  • We quantify your real addressable market; uncovering the market segments with the most significant potential returns.
  • We prioritise the market segments based on their propensity to buy.
  • We produce a sales funnel detailing how revenues can be secured and from where.
  • Impact analysis of the primary market trends.
  • Profiles of the ideal prospects to target and customers to-up-sell.
  • A market analysis which will allow you to seek out opportunities to differentiate your business and uncover clear ways to disrupt the market.
  • We validate your strategic assumptions then embark on a detailed market analysis.
  • Data on the barriers to market entry.
  • Outline the industries in which your business has the most significant opportunity for traction.
  • Strawman profiles of buyers – to align your strategy.
  • Growth profiles – describing the most likely sources of new revenues.
  • To gauge the pace at which the real addressable market can grow, Larato will segment the target market into five categories: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggard.

What we enable:

  • Accelerated market penetration with adaptation to new trends.
  • Detailed, structured goals for each vertical to capture its untapped revenue.
  • The traditional buyer-seller dynamics replaced by strategic partnerships with long-term value.
  • Evaluation of the entire market landscape:
    • Annual buying cycle
    • Business concerns and how to address them
    • Hierarchical structure, market segment and their vendor shares
    • Trends and assumptions
    • Spending patterns by product group
    • Technology strategies
    • Top 12 buyers in the past 12 months
    • Top 12 channel providers in the last 12 months
    • Specific pain points being addressed/not addressed in the market
    • Underlying competitive dynamics to overcome

What our customers say:

“When the seeds of a business idea started to form, Lucy was the person I spoke to first. She has the unique ability to immediately understand, and then scale your thinking to create a plan for execution. We met when we had zero revenue, and just an idea, and now we have been in business over 6 years, 30+ people, with some of the largest media owner customers around the world.” George Dann, CEO, Localstars