Make more time for sales people to sell

Make more time for sales people to sellAsk any Managing Director or CEO what they would wish for their business and the answer is likely to be “more sales please”.

Why then, do technology businesses misuse so much of their sales people’s time? These latest findings from UK providers of Information Communications Technology paint a picture full of opportunities to create more time for sales people to sell.

Wasting time

The average B2B sales professional in the UK ICT markets has just 34% of their time in which to sell. The other 66% is taken up solving post-sales problems, going to internal meetings, travelling, doing administrative tasks, researching and generating leads.

Making time

CEO’s seeking more sales can grant their own wishes with some gentle adaptations to the way their organisations value and consume sales people’s time. Lead by example. A CEO’s time is precious. Responsible for the health and wealth of their businesses, CEO’s diaries are typically full to bursting with issues that must be resolved or opportunities that demand their immediate attention. As a CEO, if you show that you value your sales people’s time as much as your own, you will make more time for your sales people to sell. By adopting this position, you actively encourage colleagues to think about consuming sales people’s time as if it were yours. In practice, this readily leads to simple changes like shorter, more focussed meetings and fewer in-person visits that can be handled perfectly well over the telephone or a video link.

Hidden benefit

There is a significant hidden benefit to making this simple change to the way you, the CEO, overtly values your sales people’s time. When sales people know their time is valued, they behave differently, making more time to sell for themselves. They think twice before committing to internal or customer meetings; they prepare well for sales calls and ask for help with activities like background research from colleagues in appropriate ways. Not only does this create more selling time, it builds better relationships with co-workers that will make your business stronger.

Showing that you value your sales people’s time is a small change with a big impact. Start now.