Safeguarding the future of Britain’s security industry

Virtual Technology ClusterLarato is the business development partner for the Virtual Technology Cluster (VTC) whose co-founders are Lockheed Martin UK and the technology merchant bank Restoration Partners. Larato’s role is to help VTC members maximise their growth potential. The key to this is helping VTC members to complement their direct sales activities with channel sales. Larato works with VTC businesses to create effective channel strategies, efficient channel management and channel sales enablement. We also utilise Larato’s proven Customer Engagement Workshops to develop valuable insights that underpin long term growth.

The Virtual Technology Cluster is a virtual network of businesses specialising in cyber-security. The VTC helps these companies to obtain support and investment for the development of new technologies and markets.

British Prime Minister David Cameron supports the VTC, commenting : “This government is committed to ensuring the UK continues to be a leader in the multi-billion dollar cyber-security industry but the private sector also has an important role to play in supporting UK cyber innovation. This partnership between Lockheed Martin and the Restoration Partners will offer cyber entrepreneurs an incredible opportunity to engage with investors, academics and those already established in the industry.”

For more information on the Virtual Technology Cluster, see Restoration Partners explains about the VTC