Small business is not afraid of cloud technologies

A “see-saw” of “facts” about small businesses and cloud services

  • 40% of small businesses are afraid of buying cloud services because they believe they do not trust them to be secure.
  • 91% of small businesses are not afraid of buying cloud services because they do trust them to be secure.

Small business is not afraid of cloud technologiesThese two data points are compelling, not only because they are so different but also because of their source. One data point was sourced directly from buyers. The other was sourced from the suppliers selling to those buyers.

Which is which and why does it matter?

The first data point, claiming that the main reason small businesses won’t buy cloud is because of security concerns comes from a poll of suppliers attending a seminar at today’s Convergence Summit.

The second data point, stating that small businesses are very comfortable buying cloud services comes directly from buyers and was presented at the same summit by Andy Burton from the Cloud Industry Forum.

For owners or leaders of cloud service suppliers, these data points should be a “wake-up” call. The Cloud Industry Forum’s data is correct. Small business is not afraid of cloud technologies. Small business buyers are happy to adopt cloud services for the benefits they can gain gain for their organisations. Buyers have also moved on from sourcing the cheapest service they can. Today’s buyers are more informed about cloud than suppliers seem to think and are looking for business value. As a supplier, if your sales pitch is focussed on security and driving the price down as low as possible, you are likely to be missing out on market share and revenues.

Suppliers – it’s time for a re-think. Don’t get blind-sided by information that’s past its sell-by date. Your buyers are ready to go ahead with cloud. Embrace this trend; adapt your sales and marketing to deliver what buyers need and are prepared to pay for.