Technology leaders seek improvements in their online presence

New data from ICT suppliers highlights a critical need for a stronger online presence

Leaders seek improvements in their online presenceLarato recently surveyed business leaders across the Information Communications Technology (ICT) supply markets to find out what they believe will help them to succeed commercially over the short to medium term.

A key critical success factor flagged up by leaders was to improve their presence on the Internet and across social media platforms.

Almost 90% of business leaders in ICT suppliers believe they need to improve their own websites and their company’s LinkedIn profile.

The picture is bigger than this since 80% believe their YouTube presence needs building up, 77% require stronger Twitter presence and 69% believe their Search Optimisation should be better. The only platform that these B2B company leaders don’t think requires further investment is Facebook.

B2B buyers present new challenges

ICT suppliers need a stronger online presence because today’s B2B technology buyers present a number of challenges when it comes to engaging them:-

  • They are well informed through online research,
  • They are connected with peers, industry commentators and influencers across social networks,
  • They are mobile,
  • They expect outstanding knowledge, service and problem solving from sales people.

Online use by buyers continues to increase

For the third year running, leaders in ICT suppliers have reported an increase in buyers using online and social media resources to shortlist suppliers.

More helpful commentary about today’s digitally driven buyers

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