Why consultative selling is important to Communications and IT companies

Consultative sellingConsultative selling is critical to success

New research from Larato among business leaders of IT and Communications companies shows that buyer demand is pressurising providers to take a more consultative role.

In the same study, more than 33% of business leaders claim their most important requirement for success over the next three years is for their sales people to sell more consultatively.

B2B buying has changed

B2B buying behaviour has changed. Rather than relying on sales people to perform needs analyses, B2B buyers are doing a lot of that groundwork for themselves. As a result, today’s B2B buyers are much more informed about the challenges they seek to overcome, the benefits they require and their potential supply options. It doesn’t matter whether you label your portfolio; cloud computing, hosted ICT, managed services or “Anything” as a Service; you are faced with the same problem of buyers having changed their approach to short-listing and selecting suppliers. In practice, this change in buyer behaviour can turn traditional B2B selling into a fulfilment process where price becomes the main differentiator.

B2B buyers still want help – just of a different kind

Businesses are becoming more agile and flexible to compete effectively in their own markets. This trend means that customers’ needs and demands are constantly changing. Today’s informed buyers want sales people to add to what they already know. They want expert help to identify, source and deliver managed solutions that make their businesses safer and stronger.

The results you need from more consultative selling

Larato’s survey shows the top three results ICT suppliers need to achieve from more consultative selling are;

  1. Improve sales quota attainment,
  2. Increase win rates,
  3. Increase deal sizes.

Achieving these results is likely to be challenging. While a fraction of your sales people will become consultative selling stars, some won’t be able to make the transition you need. Filter out those that can from those that can’t is important, urgent and tough.

The performance of salespeople within a single company typically varies by a factor of three. And the difference between the best and worst companies when it comes to selling is far greater than the difference for functions such as supply-chain management, purchasing or finance.
The Economist

What action can you take?

Establishing effective consultative selling is different for every organisation. Larato’s experts have a proven track record of helping suppliers to create, nurture and industrialise successful consultative selling that works in each supplier’s individual environments. Contact us now to discuss how we could help you.