Worker mobility opportunities and challenges

The nature of work is changing dramatically. Businesses struggle with the 24x7 pressure of today’s service-based economies. Skilled staff shortages are increasing. To thrive, firms need to be more agile and more responsive..

A significant part of the answer to these problems is to enable people to work effectively from anywhere. The achievable benefits are compelling1;

  • 25% improvement in efficiency through process automation
  • 67% improvement in productivity
  • 54% improvement in employee well-being

Evidence from the UK Work Foundation shows that many organisations fail to adopt worker mobility successfully because of legacy working and management practices.

  • 84% of organisations need to change their management practices to adopt mobile working
  • 82% need to change their worker Terms and Conditions
  • 59% cite cultural challenges as blockers to mobile working

Over the next few years, companies that access these benefits by overcoming problems with dated working practices will grow. Those that don’t will be left behind - market forces will make sure of it.

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1Sources: Centre for Economics and Business Research, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Harvard Business Review, Lancaster University, Ofcom, PWC, Samsung, The Work Foundation.