More IT leaders make the final decision to buy cloud

Traditionally, the CIO and the CFO have worked closely together to make the decision to buy cloud services. Although the CFO is still involved, the CIO is more often the final decision maker today. You should expect this trend to increase. We recommend that suppliers take the opportunity to invest in the strategic development of IT leaders, establishing deeper trust that develops differentiated business relationships. Customer Advisory Boards are a very effective way of doing this.


Metrics about decision makers

The final decision sits with the Head of IT/CIO in the majority of organisations and it is clear that the role of the IT department in Cloud procurement is increasing; the Head of IT/CIO was the final decision-maker for 59% of Cloud users in 2015, up from 50% in 2014, and 38% in 2013.

As members of the Cloud Industry Forum, Larato’s business development experts help to uncover the important trends that impact buyers and sellers of cloud technologies. These UK market metrics were gathered from 250 senior IT and business decision makers in Enterprises, small-to-medium sized businesses and public sector organisations.

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