Sales Development

Sales Development

Sales Development

Larato’s sales development aligns buyers and sellers to help sales sell more.

  • Internal discovery
    Measure the effectiveness of your sales teams at engaging buyers and out-selling competitors.
  • External discovery
    Uncover what customers really think about suppliers and find out exactly why they would choose you.
  • Strategic review
    A strategic review of Internal and External Discovery results enables you to set the right criteria for future success.
  • Align sales with buyers
    Your sales team aligned and ready to engage the buyers you want to win.
  • Implement
    Practical, on-going, support for your sales teams in the field with customers.

Quick case study

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Service purchased:
Sales enablement

Business challenge:
Adapt sales approach to displace incumbent providers

Displacement of incumbent providers in large Enterprises and Public Sector bodies

“Larato has an intelligent and engaging approach which works well”
Mary de Sausmarez,
Sales Director, Kcom