Higher Profits and Happier Staff – How to Get it Done

Aug 14, 2021

Most businesses care about their staff. That’s either because they’re kind (hello kind people) and/or because they realise that happy employees are productive employees who deliver great customer service and create an excellent place to work.

We bet our bottom dollar that during lockdown, valued sales teams have received posh hampers, vouchers, online yoga platforms, advice about well-being and all manner of lovely treats and gifts to help keep that chin up. But how many have received the thing they really need? The sales and prospect data to help hit their number, earn their commission, and ride off into the sunset on the last day of the month?

It would be naive to claim that only contacting prospects who are proven to buy from businesses like you, will 100% ensure OTE earnings—sales is nuanced, there are lots of variables. But it is fair to say that salespeople that are wasting their time contacting businesses proven not to buy, will only lead to one thing: Failure. Poor pipelines. Stressful weekly updates and misery.

Delivering decent insight gives your salespeople a chance. Value their time and their efforts by delivering the tools that they need. Research states that 40% of salespeople believe that prospecting is the most challenging part of the job. You can mitigate that with ease.

Accurate sales intelligence targeting the buyer personas, a thorough go-to-market strategy identifies, has been proven to quadruple our customer’s pipelines. In our experience (and we’ve helped businesses to increase sales most recently by more than £300 million), we’ve found that the right data and value proposition can increase sales exponentially and these increases aren’t just seen in direct but channel as well.

As well as not wasting their time chasing non-prospects, this approach works because sales teams are armed with everything from the basics (correct contact details, decision makers and stakeholder) but also an understanding of the prospect’s propensity to buy, their pain points, challenges and opportunities.

Intelligence like this can also detail the buyer journey:

  • What will the prospect want to know as they move down the sales funnel?
  • What can marketing and sales working together deliver to support each stage of the buyer journey?
  • What messages and value-add will resonate at each stage?
  • What will make prospects advance and what will absolutely make them retreat?
  • How do prospects want to be contacted? What sales approach do they prefer?
  • How can you build awareness, close the deal and then retain the customer?

The right data will provide your sales team with the support they need to close deals in an environment where networking and knowledge are ultimately king. It makes good sales sense and improves overall motivation for sales teams.

Recent figures show that a large percentage of salespeople are worried about hitting their targets and potential for burn out is a real concern for many businesses. Sure, some get by simply by operating a revolving door policy with their teams with very poor employee retention, but we know most business founders and sales directors don’t want to do that. They want to build a great culture, a positive team, and a sustainable workforce.

Over time, data has got a bad name, either because the information purchased has been well… bad… or because businesses simply haven’t known what to do with it. They’ve known it’s valuable, so they’ve sort of popped it in the loft and left it there. Data only really works if it’s managed and used properly. Giving it another chance could both grow your business and help your sales teams at a time when every little bit of support is invaluable.

We have a wealth of stats and data on this subject.

Give us a shout if you would like to know more or see the rest of our website to find out about what the right data can do for you.