Nobody has to be alone…

Well, you do if you’re CEO; we just said that to get your attention. Most of the time you’re the sole person to be accountable, make the final decision and have all the answers. CEO networking is a great way to test your thinking and learn from others.

CEO network : Larato Inner Circle

And that’s why we organise the Larato Inner Circle. It’s lovely, every now and again, to come together, share ideas, talk about challenges, have a drink and listen to brilliant guest speakers.

We love running these events because they are just so good. We like to get people together, but more than that, we love the energy we create in a room by assembling elite business leaders: each with their own unique stories, triumphs and journeys.

We’ve had some great speakers. Did you hear about Sir Ken Olisa? That was seriously cool. I’m not sure we should admit it, but there was a moment of doubt whether we’d get someone as accomplished as him again. Not to fear though; we’ve delivered.

Welcoming Dawn Wright as guest speaker

This time, we’re welcoming Dawn Wright, one of the owners up until 2016 of Techgate, an IT company specialising in cloud infrastructures and DR services.

In 2016, Dawn and her fellow directors completed the trade sale of Techgate to a pan European managed services provider with annual revenues in excess 228M Euros.

Prior to co-founding Techgate, Dawn spent 14 years with AT&T where she headed up the International and Wholesale Division for EMEA and was responsible for growing annual revenues to 250M US Dollars. During this role, she completed an MBA in Global Business Management.

She now works with her livery company in the city and, as a passionate advocate for women’s opportunities in science and technology, spends as much time as possible mentoring young women in the industry.

It‘s amazing she’s found the time to join us, but we are delighted to say she has.

Look out for your invitation

If you’re familiar with our Inner Circle, you’ll know it’s invitation-only, to keep the numbers intimate and the conversation flowing, so please do look out for your invites on their way soon, with the details of April’s event.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again. ‘Conversation is a Catalyst for Innovation’ and we can’t wait to see what comes out of this one.