Channel Development

Larato’s Indirect service has all of the scope and know-how to create a plug-and-play channel strategy, or it can be used to validate, tweak or populate the one you already have. It has been deployed successfully by a wealth of well-known clients.
If you are looking to check the viability of your channel strategy or find, recruit, onboard or enable the right resellers to meet your goals, then we can help. Our unique strategy is proven to accelerate indirect sales.

“There is no better business intelligence tool on the market to deliver real and fast ROI for resellers than INSIDE TRACK.”

Nathan Marke
Chief Operating Officer, Digital Wholesale Solutions 

Confirm your strategy will work

It makes sense to validate and clarify your strategy before investing. Larato can test whether the UK channel can deliver the growth you need in your required timeline with your current plan. We can then advise if any changes should be made to allow you to hit your goal with the competitive landscape.

Partner profiling

We can identify the channel partners that will deliver the results you need. Our channel database details which of the UK’s resellers are the best match for selling your services and products, based on points such as their customer base, skillset and current portfolio. Focussing on the right resellers will develop your channel and its revenue stream far quicker and more efficiently.

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Partner recruitment

Recruit and keep successful and loyal partners by aligning your business goals to their needs and ensuring that your partner programme is competitive and supportive.

Partner enablement

Make your channel and partners more profitable by helping them to deliver winning sales experiences to buyers. The correct onboarding of partners means that they are able to hit the ground running and that their sales teams feel confident that they can hit their targets selling from your portfolio. The correct sales enablement means that your channel and partners can be agile and robust enough to adapt as the market changes.

We have some great recommended reads, alongside links to other useful media in our Channel Development Hub.

Develop your channel and benefit from the support of the Larato team.