Take the risk out of your investments and differentiate yourself to businesses seeking funding

We have a proven-track record of supporting transactions with insightful commercial due diligence that broadens business strategies and uncovers execution risks. Our experts draw on extensive industry experience and our ground-breaking data platform Inside Track. In practice, this means your investment is better placed to achieve a successful exit.

If your goal is to accelerate or realign the commercial performance of an existing investment, Larato’s unique approach delivers the practical insights your management team needs to achieve more profitable growth. We help you translate these insights into step-by-step action-based plans.

“Larato’s commercial due diligence report highlighted execution risks in a useful way that helped inform our thinking about this investment and its business strategy.”
Jamie Roberts, Partner – YFM Equity Partners, September 2021

INSIDE TRACK for Funders

It’s a competitive market: To be investor or advisor of choice,
you need our market intelligence and industry insight at your fingertips.
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It’s a competitive market

To be an investor or advisor of choice, you need our market intelligence and industry insight at your fingertips. Book your initial confidential discussion today to discover the value Larato can bring to your transaction.

  • "Feedback couldn’t have been better."

    Chelsea Woodwood, Head of Marketing, DCS

  • "There is no better business intelligence tool on the market to deliver real and fast ROI for resellers than Inside Track."

    Nathan Marke, COO, Digital Wholesale Solutions

  • "We engaged Larato at short notice to help externally facilitate an Autodesk people manager forum. They rose to the challenge, delivering an insightful and actionable bespoke development session which was widely appreciated by the management team. Thank you Larato."

    Paul Marland, Auto Desk, AEC Territory Manager

  • "Larato has been instrumental in our market focus and the intelligence we’ve gained from them has been transformational in directing our business with measurable results."

    Michelle Brodrick, Solutions and Strategy Director, DCS

  • "Larato’s commercial due diligence report highlighted execution risks in a useful way that helped inform our thinking about this investment and its business strategy."

    Jemie Roberts, Partner - YFM Equity Partners

  • "Larato partnered with us to identify the data we needed to engage more customers, drive revenue growth, and achieve competitive advantage. Their approach to data is unique, selling it as a service, then working with the sales team to power the use of that data and get the conversions coming in."

    Bimal Modha, Sales Director, Highlight

  • "We have worked with Larato for many years and benefit greatly from their unpararelled and in-depth knowledge of our business, industry and customers.  The insight we receive always makes a real difference to our business strategy and growth, giving us confidence in our future plans from the intelligent data we receive."

    Stefni Oliver, CEO, Daisy Corporate Services

  • "There simply isn’t anything as accurate on the market out there to help resellers to grow."

    George Dann, CEO, Fluid Ads

Our unique solution can quickly, accurately and thoroughly complete your due diligence, differentiate your team as the obvious choice for the seller, and allow you to confidently adapt your bids and valuations at speed. We deliver the insight and agility you need to come out on top. We’re in constant demand and work with the Big 4.

Join the clients we have helped win over £300 million of new business:

How we help you to secure mergers, acquisitions and growth strategies

High-Level Overview

Quickly and accurately assess if there is ROI in considering the opportunity further. We use our data platform and in-depth knowledge of the market and solution to validate the opportunity, confirm the investment document holds true and qualify the forecasted revenues. You decide based on this quick and accurate turnaround whether to proceed.

Data-driven, Deep-dive Due Diligence

Gain a firm enough understanding of the opportunity to feel confident making and adapting bids knowing the value and complexities of the deal. We evidence the true potential value of the opportunity, validate the go-to-market strategy, identify any leaderships skills gaps, required budget, time to target and critical success factors.


Beat your competitors and win the premium deals you are interested in. Management teams state the investors they choose always have a deep understanding of their market base, industry, challenges, and opportunities. We provide you with the in-depth and specific knowledge you need to communicate with the seller in a language they like and understand.


Hit the ground running with a full-competency team, experienced in post-investment strategy execution to hit the relevant numbers whilst recruitment takes place. We support the current management team in refining and executing their business strategy to achieve most ROI and fill skills gaps in marketing, business development, sales and corporate strategy.

Regenerating Flagging Investments

Some opportunities stall or fail post investment due to challenges posed by new processes, targets, or gaps in the business and go-to-market strategy. We support tech businesses post investment to hit forecasted revenue and growth targets, working seamlessly with investors. Most recently, we’ve helped customer grow revenues by more than £300 million.

Why we're not self-serve

Our Software is ground-breaking but when it’s powered by our specialists who know the industry, market, threats, opportunities and key players front to back, it’s unbeatable. Get in touch for a chat.

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