Your checklist for the
Big Telephone Switch Off.

This easy-to-use checklist will help uncover what you might still need to do.

We need to be sure the switch-off is a non-event for business. 

At the turn of the century, there was a huge concern that computers would stop working; the Y2K problem. They didn’t. People said that Y2K was a non-event. That is because businesses had prepared.

Today, the best outcome for all businesses is for the switch-off to be a non-event too. Use this checklist to be prepared.

What is the switch off?

BT is switching off its traditional analogue network to make way for more advanced, digital, solutions. Every premise in the UK is affected by this change. In practice, it means that all telephone lines, intruder alarms, door entry systems, CCTV, lifts and many other devices will no longer work plugged into a telephone socket. A router needs to be used. Also, some devices might need to be replaced to work.

Why do I need to do something?

The change impacts a variety of devices for small businesses – not just telephones. If any devices are overlooked – which is very easy to do – then there is a danger of disrupting customers and colleagues. It may affect security or even your insurance. Any of these could result in avoidable costs and lost revenues. Even if you are confident that you are ready, it is worth double checking.

When is it happening? Now!

There isn’t one single switchover date. Businesses are being migrated in phases between now between and the end of 2025.

What information should I expect to receive?

The company supplying your existing services should be sending information to you of they have not done this already. However, about half of the businesses that have received information have said that they haven’t found it very helpful. This is one of the reasons that Larato has worked with Openreach to create this simpler checklist and guide.

Rented properties

If your business property is rented, it may be the responsibility of the landlord or owner to make the necessary changes for you. Make contact to make sure that this is happening and that any device changes will not result in service loss to your business.

Your business insurance

Some of the devices that will stop working are connected with insurance protection; e.g., intruder alarms, fire alarms etc. If a device stops working, you may not be protected by your insurance policy.

For example, any devices that alert a third party like the police may stop doing this after the switch-off. This could leave premises exposed and possible invalidate policies.

If you are in doubt, contact your insurance company and ask for their advice.  

What should I do?

Check your devices. Remember that some of them might be old, possibly in a cupboard where no-one really looks etc.

You need to know what needs to happen with each device. Some may just need a router; others might need replacing. This checklist, developed in collaboration with Openreach helps you to understand exactly what you need to do to make sure your business moves smoothly through the swich off. It sets out all of the devices that you may have in your business so that you can decide what you need to do.

Comms Council UK is a thriving trade association involved in a sector that is diversifying rapidly from just voice services to other innovative IP applications.
FCS is the not-for-profit industry association for companies that deliver professional voice and data communications solutions to business and public sector customers in the UK.
Fit to Switch is funded entirely by the UK’s independent telecommunications providers. It’s the national brand and stamp of approval that businesses can look for when seeking to migrate their communications and IT assets over to a fibre connection for the All-IP world after the UK’s PSTN copper network is switched off in 2025.

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