A Focused Growth Strategy

The Customer Challenge Solved:

One of the UK’s leading call retrieval solution providers, with three decades of expertise in delivering technology, wanted to grow from £12 million to £25 million over a three-year period. They needed to transition from a value-added reseller to a vendor of high value products and services and they needed to engage the right end-user market and develop an indirect partner channel to deliver the required growth.

“We brought Larato on board to help us drive forwards with the next stage of our development, helping us to identify what our priorities should be and creating the right plan to deliver against them. Adapting the value proposition for the right market fit and aligning the sales and marketing as advised was absolutely the right choice as demonstrated by the growth achieved.”


Threat eliminated by Larato

An ineffective channel proposition, the wrong go-to-market strategy to increase revenue and targeting of incorrect buyer personas.

Delivery Summary

Delivered a strategy enabling the business to build a scalable indirect channel and prioritised prospect partners, validated a go-to-market strategy which filled a gap in the market and detailed the sales, pre-sales and marketing resources needed to deliver on the target.

Key Deliverables

  • A strategy to enable the customer to disrupt its target markets and build a platform for sustainable, rapid growth.
  • A go-to-market plan detailing how to implement the strategy.
  • The right, validated proposition, required to establish significant competitive differentiation.
  • The project tasks required to disrupt the markets and secure share at pace.
  • A list of priority partners to be engaged and the correct amount and types of indirect partner needed to achieve their required revenue.
  • A partner enablement strategy to support partners to deliver the growth needed.
  • Identified parts of the value chain the business should focus on to increase growth.
  • Evidenced the business’s competitive position in the market and advised how to adapt it moving forward.
  • Detailed any changes required to processes, data, systems, and people, in order to achieve all targets.
  • Validated strategic intent by testing existing assumptions about achievability of targets, risks, critical success factors and resources.
  • Specified the sales, pre-sales and marketing resources required to implement this validated strategy.
  • Audited the business’s ability to implement its go-to-market plan, processes, systems, data, and people.
  • Completed a gap analysis between the current and required business status, enabling teams to produce and implement improvement plans.


As we finalised the project, an interested buyer contacted Business Systems with intent to purchase. Our work meant that Business Systems was able to document a focussed strategy for the next three years and secure competitive bids from numerous buyers. In our efforts to optimise the businesses growth strategy, we had ultimately made them more saleable.

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