Unlocking the Business’ Potential

The Customer Challenge Solved:

After a lengthy stall in sales, manifested by confusion regarding its offering and a competitive and commoditised marketplace, an established and previously successful solution provider needed to reposition its offering for more market traction, growth and sales efficiency.

“We’ve quadrupled sales within the first month of embracing the Larato strategy and proposition and continue on this upward trajectory. This is without doubt based on our new ability to align our proposition with the buyer personas and data that Larato developed. Helping us to embed this new strategy both internally and externally was another major benefit of Larato’s role. They offer end-to-end business insight and growth which seems quite unique.”


Threat eliminated by Larato

A continued stall in growth and sales, facilitated by a weak proposition diluted by an overly competitive marketplace in which the customer was not benefitting from its wealth of expertise due to poor messaging and sales data.

What Larato delivered

  • Undertook a market qualification evidencing the customer opportunity in the context of today’s trading environment for MSPs.
  • Identified if and how the customer’s target markets could deliver the required growth and adapted the go-to-market plan accordingly to fill a gap in demand.
  • Facilitated workshops, focus groups and customer surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data, evidencing what actions the customer needed to take in order to engage with and sell to relevant prospects.
  • Developed and customer-tested a new value proposition to resonate and align with relevant prospects in the optimal target markets, detailing the relevance, benefits and commercial value of the solution to stakeholders managed service providers and enterprises.
  • Specified the sales, pre-sales and marketing processes required to succeed.
  • Qualified a new set of buying personas and provided and integrated the sales data to go with them.
  • Streamlined the sales process and segmented prospects by priority and ROI.
  • Implemented a change management process internally to help deliver the new strategy.


  • Rebranded the solution to offer competitive differentiation.
  • Delivered a new go-to-market approach with prioritised buyer personas to target.
  • Delivered a change management project supporting all staff in the new, winning direction.

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