Channel Leaders call on New Government to Spotlight Digital Switchover

With the general election confirmed for 4 July by the Prime Minister, the next government will be elected at a crucial time for the telecoms industry, with the digital switchover scheduled to be completed by January 2027.

Leaders from across the Channel have shared their views with Comms Business on what the new government should prioritize to ensure a smooth transition for UK businesses.

  • Julien Parven, Director, Daisy Partner Business: Emphasizes the need for government acknowledgment and engagement with the switchover challenges, similar to the approach taken for the analogue to digital TV transition. He highlights the economic implications and stresses the importance of bringing the issue to the public agenda.


  • Jamie Ward, CEO, Gradwell Communications: Calls for increased government accountability and presence in the switch-off process. He criticizes the current telecoms infrastructure and stresses the need for clear government oversight to prevent delays and drive economic growth.


  • Eli Katz, Chair, Comms Council UK: Urges for greater support and coordination from the government and Ofcom to ensure clear and aligned messaging. He advocates for a national campaign to raise awareness, similar to the digital TV switchover campaign in 2012.


  • Lee Turner, Head of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Gamma: Highlights Gamma’s efforts to raise awareness through their own campaign and calls for government cooperation on a national campaign aimed at both consumers and businesses. He also suggests government grants to help small businesses with the costs associated with the switchover.


  • Dr. Lucy Green, Founder and Managing Director, Larato: Stresses the importance of engaging with local governments to support regional efforts in the switchover. She believes that empowering regions like Greater Manchester and the West Midlands can ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption.


Conclusion: For a comprehensive understanding and detailed insights, read the full article on Comms Business.

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Attribution: Originally published on Comms Business.

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