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Competition to build Britain’s high speed broadband infrastructure is fierce. Success requires network builders to be more commercially efficient than their competitors. Larato’s Inside Track is proven to help Altnets make the best commercial decisions about where to build network and why. Take the guesswork out of your business development. 

Britain's National Infrastructure Strategy aims to deliver gigabit-capable broadband to more than 85% of homes and businesses by 2025. This is driving billions of pounds of investment in new infrastructure build. Experts think that there is too much over-build and that the market will consolidate at pace. This is why network builders need to be as commercially efficient as possible. That's where Larato comes in.
Dr Lucy Green
Larato Founder

Traditional network build strategies use the number of homes or premises passed. This is no longer enough. Wholesale providers need to know which resellers operate well across UK regions. Retail providers need to know where the end-users with the biggest budgets are. Larato’s Inside Track answers these questions, and more accurately and thoroughly. 

How we grow your sales

We pinpoint the best resellers for you

Who are the best performing resellers for your product offering and network footprint?

Where you should build

Where are the best performing markets? What is your potential share? What’s it worth? Where might you be missing out?

We deliver the data you need

Using the INSIDE TRACK software, we detail every reseller and customer ready to buy from you, based on your established prospect profile and their buying behaviours.

We prepare your sales and marketing

We power your salespeople with the information they need to succeed with their new data set. We make sure that sales and marketing are working together, not poles apart.

Video case studies

Working with us means your business can focus on building your network in the best places and selling to customers who want to invest, with the right value proposition and sales and marketing perfectly aligned. This optimises your resources, motivates your team, and saves you money.

Find the best reseller partners:

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Find the best customers:

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"Larato’s commercial due diligence report highlighted execution risks in a useful way that helped inform our thinking about this investment and its business strategy."
Jamie Roberts
Partner - YFM Equity Partners

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