Who We Are

Larato’s team of business development experts is passionate about creating and helping to deliver strategies that deliver growth in practice. We care about value. For businesses, their clients and the societies they work in.

"Larato partnered with us to identify the data we needed to engage more customers, drive revenue growth, and achieve competitive advantage. Their approach to data is unique, selling it as a service, then working with the sales team to power the use of that data and get the conversions coming in."
Bimal Modha
Sales Director, Highlight

Our values

Our values are straightforward. Our values are not about our “why”‘. Our values are about our clients’ “why”.

Everything we do puts our clients and their customers front-and-centre of business development. 

We look at trading environments as they are. We draw on accurate data to qualify market opportunities so that our work delivers results. We challenge constructively. We look for lower risk and lower cost ways for our clients to reach their goals. 

Our clients tell us that they see Larato as part of their team. Pitching in, adding value, and moving businesses forward. That is what Larato is all about. 

Founder and MD, Dr Lucy Green, has been helping to grow businesses for the length of her career, specialising particularly in the technology and communications space. Dr Green has woven her passion for analysiing data to create helpful information into the fabric of Larato’s culture. It is this passion for combining business creativity with valuable data that drives sustainable performance in every business we work with.
Dr Lucy Green
Larato Founder

What we believe makes businesses more valuable

We regularly chat about what we believe makes businesses more valuable. Here are some of our latest thoughts. 

  • Really know your market.
  • Be challenging. Do not be afraid to disrupt yourself.
  • Put your customers at the centre of everything. If an action does not add value to a customer, then avoid doing it.
  • Think about how your business can give customers something they really want. Use this to inform your growth plans. 
  • Trust between business people, investors, and society.

We are people who believe in teamwork

Today’s businesses need to work together to succeed.

Very few, if any, companies can deliver everything a customer needs to make their business more valuable. So, collaboration is a pragmatic way to succeed. When your customers see you working with your competition to bring more value to them, they will take notice. It is one of the clearest messages to a market that your business puts its customers first. 

We are passionate about good data

Today, data is very easy to acquire. The world is awash with it. 

The problem with this is that lots of data makes it much harder to make informed, data-backed, business decisions. 

The bottom line is that dirty data costs money. And that negatively impacts how your business can perform. Think about a Formula 1 car. It needs high-grade fuel to perform to its potential. A business is the same. It needs accurate and relevant data to drive up efficiency, drive down costs, and deliver a differentiated customer experience. 

And…. businesses that use good data well develop trust with their customers, stakeholders and investors. 

All of these reasons were behind our determination to build Inside Track. It has three unique attributes…

1. As input, Inside Track uses all data that is publically available. So it starts out with massive quantities of data. It uses this approach to minimise the risk of missing data that could be important.

2. It uses statistical methods and purpose-built algorithms to filter out the valuable information from the rest of the data noise. These capabilities are customisable for Larato’s clients. If you work with us, you benefit from your own unique filtering capability.

3. Inside Track double-checks for accuracy by using different statistical methods and algorithms to stress test the data gathered in step 2. These checks have taken more than 10 years to refine. 

You can find out more about Inside Track here. 

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