What We Do

We are here to help you win.We understand how buyers buy and suppliers compete, helping sales sell more. Our team of independent experts are helping businesses win business everyday. Larato’s clients love to work with us because we’ve helped to increase their revenues by more than £750 million and saved them countless hours measuring and validating the true value of opportunities on their behalf. 

We take the guesswork out of business development whilst encouraging business creativity and innovation. It makes business sense to be armed with the right information to really focus your resources, budget and efforts in the most productive way. The right market intelligence backed by accurate data allows you to do just that. No wasted time speaking to businesses or personas that aren’t the right fit and won't buy. All of your efforts focussed on prospects with the propensity to boost your business by benefiting from the value you deliver.
Dr Lucy Green
Larato Founder

We work with business and investor clients

We work with our business clients to identify viable prospect profiles, available market opportunities, analyse competitive landscapes and develop the most effective value propositions to resonate with your target audiences. We then deliver the right dataset and sales and marketing support to drive the number for you.

For our investor clients, we deliver thorough and worthwhile marketing due diligence, the data to be agile and the insight to win the seller and the deal.

For two decades, we’ve been building successful pipelines, based on strategic insights and our experience working within the industry.

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Our services

Strategy services

Larato’s go-to-market strategy services align our clients’ ambitions with the markets and prospects that are most likely to buy.


A Larato Discovery is a collaborative process designed to fully understand your ambitions and start to qualify your real market opportunity. 

Market analysis and qualification

Larato’s experts qualify your market forensically. We draw on our collective experience and Inside Track to produce market analyses that you rely on to grow your business. 

Value Proposition Validation

Strengthen, test and validate your value propositions with real prospects and customers. This service includes focus interviews, surveys and other field testing activities. 

Your plan

Your action-based go-to-market plan contains the information and intelligence you need to take your business forward to even more success. 

Implementation services

Using the right systems with good data and efficient processes will save you time and money as well as secure results faster. 

Clients draw on our experience with systems, data, and process to build sales and marketing engagement models that work. 

Implementation services include:

  • Data strategies that keep your data delivering what you need.
  • Market engagement that helps you realise the levels of engagement you need.
  • Sales engagement that focuses your precious sales resources on the prospects most likely to buy.
  • Acccount Based Marketing that specifies how to discuss your value with decision makers in ways that resonate with them.
  • Systems configuration: we share our proven processes with your systems people so that you can adapt your configuration for greater productivity.

For our Investor Clients

Take the risk out of your investments and differentiate yourself to businesses seeking funding.

We deliver thorough and worthwhile market intelligence, forensic market due diligence, the data to be agile and the insight to win the seller and the deal.

Investment-friendly strategies

Organisations seeking funding need strategies that investors can buy into. Larato works with businesses looking for investment to validate their market opportunity and evidence the achievability of their commercial goals.

Marketing Diligence

Larato evidences the true potential value of an opportunity, validates the go-to-market strategy with advice on mitigating risks as well as providing insights about budgets needed for sales and marketing success.

Back on Track

Some opportunities stall or fail post investment due to challenges posed by new processes, targets, or gaps in the business and go-to-market strategy. We support businesses post investment to help them get back on track to forecasted revenues and growth targets.

Accelerate growth

When successful investments seek to accelerate their growth by market, service, or territory expansion, Larato delivers the right information backed by the right data to facilitate faster growth.

Customer engagement services

Listening independently to your customers is one of the most valuable activities a business can do. 

Larato offers a range of customer listening services that include:

  • Listening interviews and surveys
  • Customer Engagement workshops
  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Partner Advisory Boards

Increase your revenue, develop your market, grow your business today.

Ready to find out how we can work with you to help meet your business objectives and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers with our market-leading intelligence and decades of strategy experience.