Matching businesses with local experts

More about ‘Making a Difference’ matching

More about matching businesses with local technology experts

How the matching process works

Local businesses are matched to local experts based on their technology needs and their location.

How local experts can join

Any local technology company can register to be matched with a local business looking for help.

Matching helps local economies

See how ‘Making a Difference’ matching helps local economies.

Reports for Business Advisers

Quarterly reports provide Business Advisers with insights about the help being asked for and experts’ responses.

How the matching process works

Larato’s partner matching initiative is a service that connects small business owners with local technology experts who can offer them tailored solutions for their specific needs. Whether your customers need help with cloud computing, cybersecurity, e-commerce, or any other technology-related issue, partner matching can find them the best match from a pool of qualified and vetted resellers.

How does it work? It’s simple:

  • First, local technology experts apply to join the scheme by filling out an application form that provides us with their details and what business problems they can solve and services they can offer.
  • Next, we check that they meet all the requirements to join the scheme. If they don’t, we provide feedback and invite them to try again.
  • Once resellers are accepted, they go onto our database to await matching.
  • Your customers can sign up by filling out a form that allows them to list their business problems.
  • Finally, we take these problems and match them with local experts who can help them with these issues. The customer can choose which expert best serves their needs.

Matching helps local economies 

There is huge economic value in local businesses having the right IT in place to be able to:

  • Work efficiently, productively and securely.
  • Scale up and down as demand requires.
  • Operate with agility and flexibility.
  • Innovate.
  • Compete nationally.

The wrong technology and lack of support uncovered by this initiative is stalling their digital transformation and growth, wasting their budget and negatively impacting their pipeline and ability to attract human talent.

Through delivering access to the right technology and guidance, partner matching can increase:

  • Productivity in local businesses.
  • Cash in the local economy.
  • Attractiveness of the city to local investors.

Reports for advisers

We believe that the best way to make a partnership work is to keep an open dialogue about how the initiative is progressing. This will provide data on how we can adapt and what we should do more of. It will also demonstrate our greatest areas of success. In the first instance we will measure and report back to you on:

  1. Customer and provider technology projects commenced after matching
  2. Your customers’ ratings of providers that they are introduced to covering:
  • Solution portfolio
  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Overall satisfaction

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