Putting our data to the test at Tech Live 2023 

Putting our data to the test at Tech Live 2023

We had a great day with our friends at Tech Live 2023. In addition to a talk by our founder Dr Lucy Green, we gave attendees the opportunity to sample some of the sales and market data we hold on our Inside Track platform. It’s the data we have used to increase customer revenues by more than £750 million most recently and we tailored it to the business’s addressable market, preferred sectors and ideal prospect profile.  

We had some great conversations and we’re looking forward to hearing how our data faired in simplifying and aiding the sales process for those which signed up. 

This is something that we will be offering to other businesses because the best way to promote the strength of our data is for people to try it for themselves. 

The topic of Lucy’s talk was the £2billion Larato has uncovered that West Midlands businesses want to spend with expert resellers to get the right advice and good support. This was based on Larato’s recent market research which uncovered a gap in the supply chain between the wealth of expert IT providers in regions across the UK and the small businesses which desperately need their support but don’t know that they exist. This has launched an initiative which has involved us supporting/partnering with a number of local authorities to support both local resellers and the small businesses which need them. It’s great to play a part in bolstering local economies and supporting smaller businesses in their efforts to compete on a fairer playing field. 

The event itself was a great day and we enjoyed meeting up with a lot of old and new faces.  

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