Winning with technology

Resources to help your business win by using technology well

Resources to help your business gain more from technology

Risks from the switch off

Measure the business risks you might face from the telephone network switch off happening now.

Technology and small businesses

Find out how and why small businesses in Britain buy technology.

Technology in industries

What businesses are buying in different industries, their needs and challenges.

Five of the Top Technology Tools for SMEs

Hints and tips to help you choose the right technology for the job you want it to do.

Buying cyber insurance

A good and clear guide about how to but the right cybersecurity insurance. From Computer Weekly.

Choosing the right provider

How to choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP). What to look for and the questions to ask. 

Technology in accounting

British accountancy firms businesses allocate 7-10% of their revenue towards Information Technology (IT) solutions. Here’s a breakdown of their key requirements and challenges.

Top needs from a technology supplier

Help to make informed decisions about technology investments.
Access to swift and reliable support services, including in-person support. 
Help to safeguard against cyber threats and breaches.

Top needs from technology

Lower Cost Base: solutions aimed at reducing operational expenses.
Increased Security: enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data and information.

Top technology purchases

Digital Transformation: advice and technology to help businesses operate with more digital capabailities. Support with innovation.
Cybersecurity: testing, tools and systems focused on strengthening digital security.
Data Protection: process and measures that ensure the safety and integrity of company data.

Top blockers to purchase

Access to Skills: problems acquiring the skills and expertise to use technology effectively.

In summary, accounting firms want technology partners that not only offer guidance and support but also provide solutions addressing their cost concerns and security needs,  while also helping them overcom access to the right skills.

Technology in Construction 

In the construction sector, companies typically allocate 8-10% of their revenue towards Information Technology (IT) expenditures. Here are the key insights regarding their requirements and challenges.

Top needs from a technology supplier
– Assistance in Making Informed Technology Investment Decisions
– Responsive Support Services
– Protection against Cyber Threats

Top needs from technology
– Dependable Systems and Access for Reliable Operations
– Flexible Connectivity Options, Available Upon Request

Top connectivity needs
– Resilient connectivity of various types (WiFi, 5G etc), reliable access to off-site systems and cloud services.

Top technology investments
– Connectivity Solutions
– Cloud-based Systems

Top barriers to technology adoption
– Challenges in accessing necessary skills and expertise
– Financial limitations
– Uncertainties about future investments

In essence, companies within the construction sector prioritise technology partners that offer guidance, responsive support, and cybersecurity. They aim for reliable systems, flexible connectivity, and cloud-based solutions while facing challenges related to skills acquisition, financial constraints, and uncertainties in future investments.

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