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To succeed, you must strive to add value that buyers want. Customer-centricity is the only way to grow. Putting the customer front-and-centre into your go-to-market plans is what Larato is all about. That’s why every go-to-market plan we deliver is bespoke and evidence-based. Larato’s Inside Track is our ground-breaking data platform, managed by our revenue growth specialists, developed specifically for technology businesses.

“Data only delivers when it tells you how to engage the prospects wishing to buy, ready to buy and likely to buy from you. With no hesitation or doubt, you need that data right now, before your competitors”
Dr Lucy Green
Larato Founder

Customer-centricity leads to business growth, reduced churn and increased revenue, but many organisations still can’t access the correct market intelligence to fuel their sales. We bridge that gap, covering go-to-market strategies, buyer profiling, social selling and sales training. Our expertise and experience in the industry are supported by our own industry-leading data platform.

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How we grow your sales

We audit your product/service

Can it deliver the revenue you need? Can it be adapted to boost demand and increase profits?

We analyse your market and customer base

What is your potential market share? What’s it worth? How is that market changing? Who is your ideal prospect profile?

We deliver the data you need

Using the INSIDE TRACK software, we detail every customer ready to buy from you, based on your established prospect profile and their buying behaviours.

We prepare your sales and marketing

We power your salespeople with the information they need to succeed with their new data set. We make sure that sales and marketing are working together, not poles apart.

It sounds simple because it is

Working with us means your sales team are only focussed on selling to the businesses who want to buy, with the right value proposition and sales and marketing perfectly aligned. This optimises your resources, motivates your team, and allows you to focus your sales and marketing efforts on the prospects who will buy.

Take a Tour:

Talk to us about a data taster

We are happy to provide sample data that’s relevant to your business, because our data speaks for itself and builds our business for us.

Where data meets business know-how

Larato uses its ground-breaking business intelligence platform to deliver 100% accurate, full data sets about every customer in the market for your product, what they want to pay and how they want to buy. This is supported by our revenue growth specialists ensuring that your sales and marketing teams know how to use the data to get conversions, close sales and grow your business.

"Larato’s commercial due diligence report highlighted execution risks in a useful way that helped inform our thinking about this investment and its business strategy."
Jamie Roberts
Partner - YFM Equity Partners

We break our services down into three areas

Revenue growth

We deliver clear and impactful strategies to increase your revenue. For some businesses that involves buyer alignment, for others it’s identifying your real value and differentiators or perhaps sales training.

Market development

We work with you to identify how to increase your market share or enter new markets and then support you as you execute your strategy and go-to-market plan.


Indirect channel development

If you are looking to adapt your business model to include an indirect channel, we have helped a wealth of businesses to profile, onboard and develop the right partners. This will deliver ROI through creating attractive partner propositions, the right reward package and impactful partner enablement strategies.


Increase your revenue, develop your market, grow your business today.

Ready to find out how we can work with you to help meet your business objectives and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers with our market-leading intelligence and decades of strategy experience.