Grow your business

These are some of the most important questions you can ask as you grow your business

Asking your business a few key questions consistently can help to accelerate growth and keep your competitive edge razor sharp. Here, we offer some great questions that are proven to uncover valuable insights. 

Your commercial ambitions

What is your strategy?

This is the most difficult and important question to answer. Here are some helpful things to think about.
• Am I a leader in my target markets? If so, how do I defend my position?
• Is the purpose of my business to disrupt the status quo? If
so, where is the best place to begin and who do I need to
• Is my business overtaking its competitors? If so, why is this
happening and how can I scale success effectively?
• Are my company’s propositions struggling in the market place? Is this a question of clarification or a sign of a larger issue? How will I understand what is really happening?

What is your Real Addressable Market?

What is your potential market share? What’s it worth? How is that market changing? Who is your ideal prospect profile?

A helpful way to think about this is to consider your ideal
prospects and ideal deals. 

  • How many ideal prospects are available to your business over the timeframe you are targeting? 
  • How likely are these prospects to buy from you during this period? 
  • What will they spend
  • How can you evidence this? 
  • Where are the risks? 


Can your Real Addressable Market deliver the revenues and profits you need in the time you have? How can you evidence this?

How will you enable your Real Addressable Market to make decisions to invest in your portfolio?

A helpful way to think about this is to consider the sales experience that decision makers in your Real Addressable Market need. Expect this to be a challenging question. If it
isn’t, there could well be something you are missing.

What is your data strategy?

More specfically, what is your commercial data strategy?

How does the data your company collects inform your
business growth?

How is this working now?

How can it work better?

Do you have too much data, or too little? 

Do you have the data you really need? 

A good way to test these questions is to discover how your data enables your pipeline to operate more efficiently. 

Your operational performance

How strong are your operational capabilities?

This is another tough question that takes courage to
answer properly.

Every business values its people and the ways of working that have brought success. However, what has worked until now may not work moving forward. How does your business need to change and why? What does this mean in practice?

Structuring your thinking


A strategy is a set of business choices that you make to position your business on a playing field of your choice in a way that you win.

Whenever you think about your strategy, bear this in mind. 

Market opportunity

Measuring your market opportunity accurately will save your business time and money. 

Experience over the past two decades has shown that when a business measures its market opportunity it frees itself to concentrate on fewer, more relevant, prospects.  


This is the simplest, yet most powerful way of making sure that your business is operationally delivering your strategy. 

Be a customer. Experience what this is like from first touch to securing loyalty. 

Top tip: do it yourself. 

Increase your revenue, develop your market, grow your business today.

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