Making a Difference

Small businesses and local technology experts have a compelling opportunity to work together, making their own businesses as well as their regions more successful.

Welcome to Larato’s Making a Difference Initiative

The initiative was launched because one of our regular, industry deep-dives uncovered that many businesses are not accessing the technology they require.

There is a huge business value having the right IT in place, including:

The Right Technology
They are unsure what they need and where to buy it. Many believe that the supply chain is limited to large technology providers which don’t have the business model to offer the guidance and support they need to drive the purchase. Since only 1% has an IT manager, this means that they are having to make procurement decisions themselves without the IT expertise to get the most out of their budget. This makes the whole process far more complex and sometimes costly than necessary. It also often leads to disappointing results.
Alongside this, local expert IT consultants are missing out on the opportunity to deliver a great service in their community and make sure that the right technology is purchased, deployed and integrated into the solutions the businesses already have. It’s a lose, lose situation which we would like to make win, win. If you are an IT provider, you can register your interest to be put in touch with the relevant businesses .
The correct technology can deliver more efficiency, productivity, scalability and increased revenues. It’s not a nice to have, it’s crucial for businesses to grow and succeed. If you sign up to this initiative, you are growing your own business, but you are also investing in the local economy.

Increase your revenue, develop your market, grow your business today.

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