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Our data shows that small businesses are missing out on the value and revenues that the right technology can deliver. This is due to the huge amount of solutions on offer and limited knowledge about where to find the right IT expert to help. Small businesses often buy from large suppliers but this means that they are unable to access the advice they require regarding what to invest in, how to integrate it and how best it can be used. This means that businesses like yours are often unable to compete against larger enterprises.

Being introduced to the right provider means you’ll get the most out of your technology and it can be expertly integrated into your older IT solutions. It also means cost savings because unnecessary equipment can be retired and replaced with new, feature-rich solutions. We’ve found that the right providers for small businesses are those which have the time to deliver guidance, knowledge and support and take small businesses right through from initial consultation to post-sales training.

In your area, many businesses are unaware of the local IT experts who can deliver the guidance and support they need. This initiative was launched to change that.

If you are hoping to grow or enhance your business and would like to speak to a local expert who can give you advice on your journey, then add your details at no cost and we can send you a choice of verified, local experts which can help.

We can also signpost you to community grants which can help your with your purchase.

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